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In the last half of the 1800s, Walnut Grove, located on the Caneyville-Spring Lick Road, was a close-knit community. For many years the school was the social center of the thriving community. Spelling bees, pie suppers, picnics, box suppers, and "sings" were held there. Several church denominations held their services in the school house. The school probably started in the late 1860s. It had an enrolment of about sixty students. Over half of them were Carrolls. At this time Joseph Carroll (1809-1891) owned most of the land in the area. J.C. Bratcher bought some of this land from Dempsey Carroll. In 1917,Mr. Bratcher conveyed a tract of land to the Grayson County Board of Education. In 1933, H.C.Newton conveyed a tract of land with the schoolhouse on it to the Board of Education. The school properties were sold to Elvie and Mabel Payton in 1959. Mabel sold it in 1964 to the Zacher and Eudokia Dutcdak family from The Ukraine. In 1973, it was bought by Father Howad French and his two sisters, Ada Mae and Dorothy. The parents of the French children were Ora Stinson and Warren Augustin French, who had met at the old Walnut Grove schoolhouse during a "sing". Ora Stinson had also taught at the school. The French children have restored and refurnished the old school building and have dedicated it to the memory of their mother. The Walnut Grove School was closed in 1957 when consolidation began in Grayson County. The last teacher there had only seven students.

Walnut Grove School

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