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The library is the most extensive collection of information and genealogy pertaining to Grayson County and its surroundings to be found. Containing over 150 family histories and 500 plus historical volumes, priceless information exists here that can be found no other place. After the courthouse fire of 1896, the majority of county records were destroyed. It is with a great deal of community input that the Historical Society has been able to amass this invaluble collection.
Use of the library is currently free to all patrons, but small donations are appreciated. Copies may be made at a cost of $0.25 per copy. Research can be peformed in-house by our librarian for an hourly fee of $15 per hour with a one hour minimum. Results can be emailed for free, faxed for $1 per call, or mailed - priced to be based off weight.
We are starting to post our list of resources online. If you go to our DOWNLOAD page, you will find a complete listing of all the family histories, books, and surveys and plats available for research in our library. As time goes on, we plan to index our entire library and have it interactive with individual volumes information for review.
We are always looking for donations (or loans) to the library. If you have information relavent to our collection, please contact our librarian. All donations are listed in our newletter, the Graysonite.

Grayson County Research Library

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