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Preserving the Past to Endow the Future  


The fact that you are here divulges your interest in history. That interest denotes your awareness that history is fleeting. Each passing day takes more history literally to the grave. Saving history is a never-ending battle against time, and sad to say, it comes at a monetary cost.
The Grayson County Museum in conjunction with the Grayson County Historical Society strives to preserve the vital history of our county. Maintaining the Jack Thomas House and our other historic properties, catalogging volumes in the library, curating the museum, maintaining our online presence, compiling and printing historic volumes, and conducting live history presenations are all accomplished with the funds of the Historic Society. These funds are obtatined from membership dues, the sale of books and dvds, endowments, corporate fund drives, and donations and from you, the public beneficiary.
We do not expect a life endowment, though it would be appreciated, but even a small donation for the use of our facilities and services goes a long way. Please take the time to make a donation below. PayPal and all major credit cards are accepted. All donations are listed in our newletter, the Graysonite.
If you really appreicate history and the job that we do, please considering becoming a sustaining member of the Grayson County Historical Society. For as little as $15 per year, you can receive all the benefits of beint a Graysonite. Find out more on our MEMBERSHIP page.

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